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Wisher Beware
Wisher Beware

Wisher Beware

61 Chapters 3K Views 35 Bookmarked Completed Status


How does it feel to have the knowledge of an advanced civilization, clearly out of your world?

Would this insight even be useful, when the people around you trusted the power of a fireball and had no idea about the power of steam?

How would you fare as a lowly slave in a society ruled by women?

Follow the steps of an urchin, swallowed by a fate that wasn’t his. A hopeless dream corrupted in the ways unknown.


Author's Notes:

Please check out the reviews, if you are still concerned or unsure!

This is a rational fantasy story, with a different approach to the isekai genre.
Slow progression at the beginning that will speed up as the plot progresses, building off the previous achievements.

This story contains descriptive sexual content that is relevant to the plot.

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