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Wicked Reincarnation
Wicked Reincarnation

Wicked Reincarnation

258 Chapters 1.3K Views 24 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


For countless years, Lia has chased after her unrequited love and even helped him to become the Ghost King yet what awaited her?

Nothing but betrayal, the murder of her family, her own sacrifice, tossed into an abyss to die and to be revived over and over again.

Her endless love turned into bottomless hatred.

Everyone who has wronged her and her family will suffer an unimaginable fate. Revenge against the mightiest being in the immortal world, the Ghost King?

No problem, I’ll carve a path and become the king myself. I’ll raise an army of undead against your army of ghosts.

So, rise my loyal followers, march with me into a war full of slaughter, blood and despair.

Tear down the Ghost King along with those who dared to harm me and build a throne for me out of their bones and flesh.

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