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Villain Steal the Heroines
Villain Steal the Heroines

Villain Steal the Heroines

27 Chapters 6.1K Views 97 Bookmarked Completed Status


No one is born with equal rights. Some people are born rich, while others are born poor.

Some could not succeed no matter how hard they tried, while others became rulers without even lifting a finger.

But what happens when the universe’s strongest villain twists fate by creating an Omnipotent Villain System?

And Luke, a man abandoned by the world, an irregular who lost everything because of his unreasonably bad luck, a man made ruthless by the world.

An ordinary, broken, and ruthless man who accomplished an impossible feat of killing a protagonist at the cost of his life

And a man who fulfils all of the prerequisites and obtains the Omnipotent Villain System

Beauty, power, and money.

Everything is his to keep.

Reincarnated in a world he knew so well,

He will steal every heroine.

Ruthless to the man, ruthless to the woman,

«Do you think you’re a heroine, and I will not kill you? Naive!»

«Let me enjoy you in bed first, then kill you in the most brutal way. "

«After all, as an avaricious person, how could I not seek the most beneficial way?»

The children of destiny, even some heroines who did him and his family harm, will suffer as a result of his wrath.

But in a realistic world, is everything as grey as he assumes?

Watch as our Luke builds his own harem of beautiful heroines and rules over the world.

Watch his growth as he explores the unknown.


Author’s note:

~ No NTR

~ 18+ content

~ Harem exists.

~ Please help a new writer.

~ Criticism is welcome, but please be respectful.

~ Incest ? Idk maybe. Not sure for now.

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