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Unrivaled Demon's Odyssey
Unrivaled Demon's Odyssey

Unrivaled Demon's Odyssey

237 Chapters 18.1K Views 65 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


After getting stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Zane was reincarnated as Zeus— a half-demon, half-vampire. When he was one year old, he lost his parents, his castle, everything— because of the Gods and Heavens. Surviving his cruel fate, he lived among humans as one of them by hiding his true identity. His life was perfect; he had friends, a seemingly faithful lover, and the power to protect the world from any evil. With his limitless power, he could easily dominate the world, and neither Heaven nor Hell could stop his growth, but he chose the righteous path. However, for unknown reasons, he was betrayed and sealed to a deep slumber. Odds of fate, or perhaps it was destiny— After being sealed for eternity, he woke up in a mysterious dungeon to find the person who broke his seal— a half-angel beauty at death's door. Join this lonely demon on his Odyssey and watch him become the one and only— Unrivaled Demon; where no existence can equal him and no entity can defy him.

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