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Trinity of Magic
Trinity of Magic

Trinity of Magic

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Ezekiel recognized early inlife that hedidn’t want tofollow inhis parent’s footsteps and spend the rest ofhis days asamere farmer. No, his eyes are set onagrander stage, aplace where tales ofmonster hunters, mighty generals, and benevolent heroes hold court— Aworld ofMagic and mysteries.

One day, the opportunity hehad been waiting for arrives. Without asecond thought, Ezekiel throws himself headfirst into the adventure. However, not everything turns out tobeasmagical ashehad dreamt ittobe…


Even though you are not going tosee blue boxes from chapter one, Iguarantee you that this ISaLitRPG story. This is, however, NOT apure «game world»! Instead, Ihave tried tointegrate the interface elements ofaLitRPG into aworld with avery thought-out magic & power system, which will beexplored over the course ofthe first book.

This world doesn’t work like agame, where you can put '5 points instrength' and the body somehow changes magically into astronger version ofitself. Itmight take acouple ofchapters for the world and magic tostart tomake sense, but Ifeel like apower system built onsolid principles isalot more rewarding inthe long run (…and more IMMERSIVE!).


Regular release Schedule: 3 Chapters aweek; Mo, We, Fr.

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