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Transcending Dreams
Transcending Dreams

Transcending Dreams

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Imagine this: you woke up in a new world, one that you had only ever read about in books. That sounded pretty cool, right? Well, not to William.

He found himself tied up by some sketchy captors who were talking about sacrificing people. Trying to brush it off as a dream didn't exactly work when kids began to be sacrificed before his eyes. Luckily, an old monster conveniently swooped in to save his ass right when it was his turn to die.

It was good to be alive, but he now had the problem of being stuck in a cultivation world, and living in one was far different than just reading about it.

Oh, and the locals insisted on calling him Wei Liang.


Updates every 2 days


Will be slow-paced through most of Book 1

Very Late Romance. It will happen when MC is at an appropriate age.

No harem - been asked that a lot

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