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Tori Transmigrated
Tori Transmigrated

Tori Transmigrated

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The last thing 40-year-old project manager Tori Felix remembered was scrolling through a wiki article about a dating sim game franchise while on the shinkansen. Then she was hurled forward to the sound of metal creaking, the smell of smoke, and was knocked out.

When Tori woke, she was in a lavish four poster bed with a splitting headache and in the bruised teenage body of a Marquis' arrogant daughter from the popular dating sim "The Romance of Soleil".

Problem #1: There is a possibility she's dead in her world. This meant she couldn't meet up with her friends. Also, her tickets to Universal Studios were useless now.

Problem #2: This body may be young, but weaker than her original. And where were her boobs?

Lastly, Problem #3: She now inhabited the body of Victoria de Guevera; the villainess of "The Romance of Soleil" whose final ending, according to the wiki article, was a violent death at the hands of sex slavers.

With just a few weeks before the heroine and the villainess collide, there is no time for an existential crisis. Tori took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and whispered her personal mantra:

"Assess the situation, then make a plan of action. You don't want to die like a b-tch."

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