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Top-tier Auntie in the Entertainment Industry
Top-tier Auntie in the Entertainment Industry

Top-tier Auntie in the Entertainment Industry

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Everyone knows that the popular entertainer Song Linchuan is crazy about his little aunt. Since the beginning of his career, he has mentioned her on various occasions.

During an interview with a reporter, he was asked, "What kind of girl do you find most adorable?"

He replied, "Someone like my little aunt."

The reporter was puzzled.

During a fan visit, someone asked him, "What are your plans after filming this drama?"

He replied, "I'm going back to see my little aunt."

The fans were confused.

As people across the internet were curious about Song Linchuan's mysterious little aunt, he brought her on a lifestyle variety show. When she appeared on camera, everyone was shocked to see that she was just a pretty girl in her late teens.

On the show, the young girl had an old-fashioned way of speaking and manners, despite her young age.

When Song Linchuan was too busy to eat on time, she said sternly, "Your body is your most valuable asset. Don't neglect to eat on time, or you'll get stomach problems!"

When he stayed up late playing games, she scolded him, "Young people should enjoy their games in moderation. Staying up late is not good for your health!"

The netizens teased Song Linchuan, but they also agreed with his little aunt's advice.

At a fashion magazine photo shoot, Song Linchuan's shirt collar was a bit low. The young girl approached him and said seriously, "As a boy, how can you dress so revealingly?"

The netizens laughed and said, "Haha, his little aunt is correcting him on how to be a man!"

Meanwhile, another popular entertainer, Pei Kuang, visited Song Linchuan's house while he was filming a lifestyle show. As soon as he entered, Song Linchuan pulled him over to meet his little aunt.

Song Linchuan said, "Pei Kuang, this is my dear little aunt. Don't just stand there, she's your little aunt too. Call her!"

Pei Kuang was speechless.

A few years later, paparazzi caught Pei Kuang walking with a girl who looked like Song Linchuan's little aunt, Song Anan. They looked intimately close, and everyone online called out to Song Linchuan, "Look, your good friend is about to become your little uncle!"

At that time, Song Linchuan was in the middle of filming in the deep mountains and had no idea what was happening.


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