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The Way Ahead
The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead

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What doyou dowhen you don’t fit in?

Edwin never really felt many connections toother people, but asaphysics student, that was fine. Hedidn’t really need it, anyway. Hewas content topeel back the mysteries ofthe universe… not that there were many left tofind. Modern-day research was just too well-established, too well-trodden for any single enthusiast tomake any significant headway.

But that doesn’t apply toother worlds. Not ones where magic and Skills run rampant, where well-defined roles and Classes dominate much ofsociety with little room for novel experimentation from its residents. That kind ofworld would beperfect for anovereager, newly-minted Alchemist tomake his mark.

Things are never that easy, though.

The Way Ahead isavery slice-of-life story following the story ofsomeone trying tofind his place inaworld that doesn’t know what todowithhim. Expect lots ofscience, lots ofalchemy, afew sarcastic quips bythe System, and lots ofexploration involving the world, self-discovery, and above all, science.

After all, further research isalways required.

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