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The Systemic Lands
The Systemic Lands

The Systemic Lands

713 Chapters 4.9K Views 32 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Michael must survive a fake world, he and other people from Earth have been teleported to.

Struggling to survive with his weight and fear. Michael must try and figure out the mysteries of this new world he is stuck in.

The other people transported to the empty stone city, the monsters outside, and the mysterious System Store are all threats or opportunities in equal measure.

The Systemic Lands is a Dark Progressive LITRPG. Taking a grittier approach to the survival progression story, when the main character isn't a super athlete ready to go at a moment's notice.

The unique setting moves away from any of the standard tropes of a LITRPG setting and takes on the air of a true mystery. While a slower start as Michael gets his bearings, there is clear progression, stats, and power levels. Avoiding the info dumps of boxes, The Systemic Lands excels at people using knowledge of game mechanics to try and figure out how things work.


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General Image Credit: General images are by Pixabay from KELLEPICS.

Cover Credit: Cover and other art by Zonked Eye.

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