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The Simulacrum
The Simulacrum

The Simulacrum

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«Hewho fights with harem tropes should see toitthat hehimself does not become aharem protagonist. And ifyou gaze for long into anarrative, the narrative gazes also into you.» ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (…probably?)

How would you react ifone day you found yourself inanenvironment running ontropes and clichés?

For allegedly average high-schooler Leonard Dunning, this rhetorical question became uncomfortably real onthe day hewoke uponastrangely pristine island inthe middle ofthe Atlantic, without any memories, surrounded byclassmates who are barely more than characterless placeholders, and with aclassic indecisive harem protagonist and his impossibly beautiful love interests for friends.

That would behard todeal with already, yet his investigation into the tropes governing the world, trying toavoid harem shenanigans, and his odd blend ofoutside-context knowledge, unique abilities, and apenchant for causing trouble wherever hegoes ends updragging him into the center ofthe action anyway.

Disclaimer: This isatongue-in-cheek, slice oflife romantic comedy, with occasional sprinkles ofcombat and mystery tospice thingsup. Please donot expect astraight updeconstruction beyond some in-universe meta-commentary bythe characters.

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