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The Messenger of Death
The Messenger of Death

The Messenger of Death

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Alexander ayoung assassin atthe top ofthe food chain gets summoned into another galaxy. AGalaxy full ofcultivators, aGalaxy full ofmysteries, demons and mythical beasts. AGalaxy with bloodlines that contains Unimaginable powers.

Alex was bestowed special bloodlines byhis summoners. But hedoesn’t want it, hefelt that his only purpose inlife was todestroy those that caused him grief, pain and suffering.
Now that hehad been summoned toanew Galaxy with noway back, Hefelt depressed and dejected.

With new powers and anew Galaxy, Alex decided that his new purpose inlife istofind apurpose inlife.

Watch ashegets stronger, fights through his enemies and tribulations and finds out what this Galaxy could offer him.

Note: This isawork offiction, logic doesn’t apply here… Just going toput this out here sothat you don’t get disappointed when you start readingit. MyMChas DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, inother words, multiple personalities.) Itmight beaturn off for you, but trust me, itmakes the plot better.

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