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The Illicitous Dungeon
The Illicitous Dungeon

The Illicitous Dungeon

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This world isapredatoryone. Itswallows endless worlds and pits them against one another inacheckerboard ofkingdoms. The weak are eaten, while the strong vie for resources and land.

Agrand system overlays this multifarious world, inwhich killing grants experience, and experience grants leveling upand greater strength.

The core ofany great city are dungeons, living entities which spawn randomly inthe world. Adungeon core isone ofthe most valuable items inthe world, and tocapture one isagolden ticket towealth and fame.

Kingdoms rule the land, but people become heroes. Those who exhaust their blood toovercome their limits, those who crossed over from another world, those who fate shines upon, even those who died and regressed intime totheir younger selves.

One particular dungeon core was born from the darkness, aflawed entity which was more than itseemed.

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