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The Gene Gamer
The Gene Gamer

The Gene Gamer

140 Chapters 469 Views 19 Bookmarked Completed Status


Inthe year 3650, humanity has conquered the universe, only tofind out that they were the only intelligent species inexistence. Unfortunately, the mystery they had known asthe universe was nothing special. There was noextraordinary orthe existence ofspecial power.

Even ifthere was, the human body was too weak tohandle them.

Therefore, they started out the project— B.S. indesperation with the goal offinding the extraordinary and prolonging their lives.

Fortunately, right after acentury, they had succeeded.

They had successfully failed.

Their success didn’t bring any joy nor any happiness. Instead, itwas the grievance and suffering that lasted for amillennium.

But after the grievance was the joy that they had been desperately waitingfor. Joy that they had finally discovered extraordinary that had the quality that allowed even humans toreach itand grab itfor themselves.

Now inthis age and world, the orphan, Cylius will set sail onthe grand ofadventures.

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