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The Eagle's Flight
The Eagle's Flight

The Eagle's Flight

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The king isdead; his heir istoo young toassume the throne. Jarl Vale wants tobecome Lord Protector, spurred byhis ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; heisaided— orthwarted— bythe return ofhis brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes torestore his family’s fortunes, cost what itmay. Through all ofthis, anenigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division inthe realms ofAdalmearc and make their own plans. Itisonly amatter oftime before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War isonthe horizon.

Story updates every Wednesday with anew chapter from the third book ofthe series. The first and second book can bedownloaded asebooks from mysite, where amap ofthe world orofMiddanhal can beviewed. The site also contains other background information such ashistory ofthe realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

Itisnow also available inaudio asaweekly podcast from webcereal.

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