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The Cursed Gamer
The Cursed Gamer

The Cursed Gamer

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The Gamer System holds an unimaginable level of potential, which if used right, one can even step... Read more The Gamer System holds an unimaginable level of potential, which if used right, one can even step beyond Godhood.Beyond God.Out of desperation, that is exactly what his goal became once he somehow got his hands on the Gamer System.But there's a catch, because there always is one.Now, he has become a Cursed Soul.***First World: My Hero Academia.Second World: Naruto.Third World: Fate/Grand Order. Collapse Fanfiction, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Fate/Grand Order, Antihero Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Dungeons, Evil Gods, Game Ranking System, Godly Powers, Handsome Male Lead, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Incest, Level System, Maids, Monster Girls, Mythical Beasts, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, R-18, Reincarnation, Weak to Strong, System, Survival, Gamer Personally, it got boring. The mc is a dislikable bastard, a lust filled sociopath that will "seduce" the author's favorite characters and collect them like pokemon for his harem...quite literally, since the mc has an inventory that can store living beings - at times, it even feels like the author forgets about people that he kept in the inventory, which is quite funny/sad. The author's story-writing is also not to my liking, he enjoys dropping the metaphorical nuke(or the literal one) just so he can "spice things up" whenever the action in the novel seems to slow down. If you see the mc reaching a powerful level in strength, you should expect some bullshit to happen soon that has no explanation, introducing some sudden crisis that had no business happening. I just felt both exhausted and numb, watching how each world the mc visits just turns to shit really fast ... and the mc? He doesn't care at all, and that's just sad...and pointless. If the mc doesn't care, why should i care? The smut is nice, but even that got tiring as too many different characters led to a bloated harem with a lot of overlapping fact almost all those girls just ended up with the same personality - perverts that fell victim to the mc's seduction magic and just beg for his big D. In conclusion, it's a slightly below average read. If you have nothing else to read, you can give this a try and judge for yourself, the first volume is basically the first 200 chapters. Of course, if you enjoy seeing fictional worlds subverted and turned on their head, then maybe you might find this novel above average, or even like it...personally though? I dropped it. Was fun for a while, but then, i felt it was time to stop and move on. Ah yes The Cursed Gamer, a novel that had potential but ended up in the trashcan thanks to the brainlet author who decided to drop a broken OC into the MHA world (around ch 150-170) just to build fake tension and give some challenge to the mc, slaughtering tons of MHA characters in the process (Oh by the way, Toga gets literally kidnapped, stripped and tortured twice, once by the mc and his maid, once by that OC villain, nice plot bro!)It's as if the author had lost interest but kept writing for whatever reason, sad. Relying on the comments below is a mistake, this work is quite good to pass the time. I don't know why people hating on this novel, it is quite good to read Novel Description: The story is about a young man with difficult past that ended up dead, just like in typical isekai. Summoned by the goddess his soul is presented as anomaly that wasn't supposed to end up in this limbo state. She gave him a choice and the only thing he have to do is spin two wheels to choose a skill and a world he will end up to. Easy as that. But things goes south when he ended up with a skill that put a death flag on his head. The Gamer System. Now all gods are after his head and he have limited time to gain strength to put a good fight against them and save his second life.Pros:- It made me laugh from the absurd thats going on in the novel.- It had some potential. - The fact that I stopped reading this Cons:- MC has thicc plot armor - Booooy it's thiiicccccc as hell.- Plot is somehow simple at the start but it goes worse and worse with every chapter.- Lot's of sex scenes - for some it may be good but when novel has nothing else to offer it's disappointing.- Bad balance between ups and downs when too much things happen at the same time and you don't have a room to get a peace of mind.- OP MC that extends levels of absurd, always the best, always the most handsome, overall awesome in every way possible - Someone said that here but it's true... Catching girls like pokemons. Even Spoilerhis sister is not safe near him nor any female he puts his eyes on.- SpoilerMassive genocide made by MC on whole MHA world.- SpoilerHaving sex with his own maid at the age of 11? I don't have to explain why it's so wrong on so many levels I can go on and on with cons but overall I think it's not worth the time. Of course if you like OP MC and lot's of sex scenes then be my guest but if you expect some good plot with your favourite characters from MHA, Naruto or FATE then don't let it crumble by reading this novel . I have read it to chapter 289 to give it a chance but I was wrong so now at least you guys will know what this novel is. But as the popular saying in my country goes "even the worst things will find their fans" so maybe you are one of such person. I don't judge. Everyone have some guilty pleasure. Enjoy your day and I hope that my review helped someone with making decision. TO READ OR NOT TO READ i stoped at chapter 100 there is yuri ruined the novel also the novel have clones Genuinely trash, just porn with plot. It was good until the MC became a genocidal maniac, this is the first time that I actually cheered for the villain to win Spoilerwell they still lost though because the MC's plot armor is too thick and the author doesn't even bother to hide it, feel bad.And yeah it also has clone sex in it (kind of) which chapter the genocide ? I don't really remember, around chapters 180-200s Spoileroh in the mha world ? Yup near the end Ah I remember this. The same as any fic like it, catching women like pokemon and wish fulliment to the highest degree nothing much else really. Yeah, I remember him bagging the whole female main cast of Naruto in like a few month or so Seeing some interesting tags.Need a second opinion! True. I think this was scraped from webnovel, but that place is the worst when it comes to true comments. Pretty eh. I don't remember much of it besides it being pretty eh and having smth unique with it. Probably a 3.8 at best

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