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The Cheat Seed
The Cheat Seed

The Cheat Seed

105 Chapters 4.2K Views 39 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Marcus GOrno believed that hecould bethe strongest ofthemall. Bythe strongest ofthem all Imean Yes, The strongest human alive.

Marcus was the common type ofaboy who had aboring life and was the one tobebullied. Heonly had his best friend tocover his sorry ass that was Dave Vagner.

But life turns awhole 360 degree for him and Dave when the day ofAwakening comes. Dave awakens something unbelievable, when Marcus awakens…Null… Nothing!

His dream tobethe strongest broke that very instant and his life flashed before his eyes when hejumped from the Academy toend his life.

Itmaybe was because ofhis luck orhemight have been the chosen one but just ashewas about tohit the floor and die, athunderbolt struck and hevanishes right infront ofthe whole academy.

Marcus finds himself inaDungeon which held great secrets. Onhis way tothe light atthe very end, hefigured out that hewas inthe Highest ranked Dungeon out ofthem all.

With all ofhis left confidence hesteps his foot into the light. *Blink*

From that day onwards, hewas nomore the same wimpy Marcus but… something more ferocious.

AMonster among Men!!!

Tag along with Marcus and his adventures ashemakes his way tothe peak ofpower and immortality.

Heonly had asingle best friend before but now when hestands tall and bold, hehas anarmy behind him orits better tosay…

The Army has him infront.

Warning: The Starting Chapters are not that well written, please bear with itand don’t drop ityet. Just for the first five chapters. Trust meitgets better and better asitgoes.

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