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The Butcher of Gadobhra
The Butcher of Gadobhra

The Butcher of Gadobhra

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Life isrough. Jobs are non-existent. And far too many people live inpoverty inthe real world and can only find work online inVRworlds. And it’s getting worse. The old internet isunusable and hacked topieces. The new system needs AItorun things, but most ofthem are destroyed. Now everyone isscrambling toget into the GENESIS ENGINE, asitbecomes the new global market place

Everyone wants apiece ofthe new game. The guilds are competing tobethe first tofind the dungeons and kill the biggest monster. The corporations are claiming land and putting intheir online market places. Ozzy and his friends just want apaycheck.

Four friends find they are locked into five year contracts asvirtual serfs inasmall village, and can’t goadventuring atall togain money and buy their way tofreedom. They don’t have many choices. They can work asablacksmith, barmaid and shepherd for all those years…or they can cheat and find ways they can take advantage ofthe system.

When they give you amop and not asword, you have tofind the loopholes and change the rules.

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