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Talent Swallowing Hero
Talent Swallowing Hero

Talent Swallowing Hero

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«There isnofairness inthis godforsaken world» —Leo.

With the appearance ofthe ferocious beasts and hideous monsters, humanity was onthe verge ofextinction.

Ashumanity lost its hope, afew otherworldly beings referred tothemselves as‘Gods’ appeared and helped humans increating new cities from the rumbles.

Before leaving the world, they left aspecial gift that could help the humans awaken their talents hidden deeply intheir bodies asthere were still monsters and beasts outside these newly created cities.

With the help oftheir newly awakened talents, the humans started fighting the monsters and beasts ontheir own.

That’s the beginning ofanew chapter inhuman history ashumans started becoming heroes.

Insuch aworld, a12-year-old kid was framed for theft and the murder ofhis adoptive parents bysome powerful heroes.

Furthermore, they even planned tokill him and make his body disappear toavoid future trouble.

However, after 10 years, hereturned tothe city with adifferent name totake revenge against those so-called powerful heroes while trying tofind out the reason behind the death ofhis adoptive parents.

"Idon’t know exactly who you are and why you did that, but Iwill find out even ifIhave tokill all the powerful heroes inthe city."

Standing infront ofthe gates ofthe Phirie city, Leo muttered tohimself with acold look onhis face.

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