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System Change
System Change

System Change

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Years ago, Earth was indoctrinated into the «System.»

Earth was not the only place with the System, however. With the System came the other races, Invaders. The Invaders had one goal, toobtain ownership ofthis new habitable planet. This created abloodbath, and for years the war raged.

This didn’t really have much todowith Derek. Derek was kind ofaloner. Yeah, heenjoyed the occasional chat ordrink with others, but henever stayed inone place too long orreally got toknow anybody new.

Derek did happen toberather strong. After the years offighting monster and Invaders alone, hehad become quite adept atsurviving. One thing that helped keep him alive was his refusal toget involved with others. Herarely cooperated with teams.

One day, Derek broke his rules and decided tolend some help, asthe mission didn’t seem too hard. Heshould have stuck tobeing alone.


Hey everyone, this ismyfiction, «System Change.» It’s the first time I’ve really tried towrite aserial. All feedback isreally appreciated.

Iplan torelease chapters every Tuesday and Thursday. With occasional extra chapters being released.

Iwill try tomaintain aword count between 1500-2500 words per chapter.


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