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Supreme Human System
Supreme Human System

Supreme Human System

169 Chapters 5.4K Views 75 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


What will happen… When you have aridiculous dream?

Tobecome ruler ofthe whole universe.

But life gives you nochance…

Born inpoor family, nobloodline, nosoul beast, and atrash talent.

And adestiny tobecome someone slave.

Will helet his fate todecide his path? Orhewill control his fate and break the shackles ofdestiny.

Will, heever solve the mystery ofhis nightmares.

Will the youngest race ever free themselves from the ancient restrain.

There was asaying inthe human race since ancient times, «Supreme human» will return one day, and hewill take his vengeance.

Aprotagonist with amysterious system.

AnAntagonist who was once hailed asahero, amyth, the god oftime and space, and the progenitor ofhis race.

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