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Super Supportive
Super Supportive

Super Supportive

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Everyone wants to be a superhero.

Except for Alden. He wants to be a sidekick. He’s got his reasons, but the path ahead won’t be an easy one.

Even if he’s lucky enough to become one of the few humans who are granted powers by the extraterrestrial system that’s been running things on Earth for decades, true battlefield support classes are rare, and old-school sidekicks haven’t been popular in years.

But Alden’s got determination on his side…and maybe a murderous demon, too.


** This story has stats, but they don’t appear in the early chapters. This is a slow burning story. It’s character-driven. It will be long.

**The protagonist is a child in the first chapter, but he will be in his mid to late teens for most of the story. Lots of violence. Some darkness. This is fiction for adults and/or young adults.

**It will update once or twice a week once I burn through my backlog. Please consider supporting with a follow.

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