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Why survive the apocalypse when you can become the apocalypse?


Nature is dying/but perhaps before the world is turned into an industrious machine nature itself can play one final trump card to save itself.

Summoned to a new world/a mushroom loving mycologist needs to grow up and grow stronger in order to accomplish the goal which brought them to this new place: to save nature from the system that the sentient races have created.

Stats/levels/classes and skills are all well and good/but when you’re a Child of Poverty in the slums of City Nineteen/there’s little you can do to change the world. Not unless you’re willing to think outside the box!


This story contains lots of cute stuff/but also some tragedy. If you’re expecting it to be as light and carefree as Cinnamon Bun or Heart of Dorkness/you might find yourself disappointed.

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