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Sorcerer's Shadow
Sorcerer's Shadow

Sorcerer's Shadow

73 Chapters 2.4K Views 44 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


In a realm where magic entwines with conspiracy and tradition challenges power, an unexpected hero arises, not from the illustrious ranks of the Imperion nobility, but from the oft-overlooked Terrans—humans. Welcome to the world of Viktor Dravos, a saga that morphs the traditional fantasy narrative into an exhilarating journey of adventure, cunning, and introspective dilemmas.

Viktor Dravos—assassin, wizard, and reluctant gentleman—is your unconventional protagonist, navigating the precarious intricacies of Imperion society. As a member of the House of Vorgan, the secretive underworld of the Kingdom, Viktor is privy to the hidden threads that manipulate the core of Imperion politics.

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