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Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School
Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School

Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School

398 Chapters 22.5K Views 22 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


The former top engineering student Wei San transmigrated into an interstellar child who was deprived of education. By picking up garbage and turning waste into treasure, she finally saved a sum of money before the opening season of school and immediately signed up.

She planned to become a Mecha Engineer in the future. It was said that it can make a lot of money and was closely related to her own original specialization. Plan pass √

Unexpectedly, because of her greed for cheap tuition fees, Wei San reported to the wrong major and became a mecha individual fighter——those violent maniacs who licks blood all day

Wei·Gentle & Quiet·Impoverished·Engineer: “……”

However, the environment could not make her give in, and Wei San decided to learn by herself in her spare time.

During the training period of a certain competition, the media interviewed and photographed the individual fighters of each school in turn, which was broadcast live on the whole interstellar network. The audience could see that everyone was training desperately, such as gravity pressurization, close combat, long-distance entanglement and so on.

【YY’s melee is too strong. Who dares to melee when the light saber is out!】

【ww’s whipping skills are too superb, NB(F****** great)! ! !】

Then Wei San was recorded sitting cross legged in the training hall, looking down and concentrating on reading a book.

【What’s that Wei San looking at?】

As the camera zoomed in, the cover of the book in Wei San’s hand was immediately seen clearly by the whole star network: “Qing Fei teaches you to become a mecha master in 21 days”


As long as one hears the title of the novel, they could tell it wasn’t read by serious people.

The next day, the star net headline: A military academy student was overwhelmed and mentally disordered during training, trying to change careers.

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