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Slumrat Rising
Slumrat Rising

Slumrat Rising

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He would sell his soul to escape the slums. Nobody's buying.

Truth Medici has to fight every step of the way to get out of the Harban slums. If he fails, his parents will sell him and his siblings to the brothels and gangsters. The slums are short of everything except cruelty. But it doesn't have to be that way. The Starbrite corporation offers wealth, power, a dignified life to those blessed enough to make it through their brutal selection process. The truly driven can even get access to the System Astrologica. The System that can turn an ordinary person into a Demigod. In a world where angels and demons are hired help, "Demigod" is achievable.

Of course, power like that, wealth like that, you have to fight for it. And if there is one thing Truth can do, it's fight!

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