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Siege State
Siege State

Siege State

124 Chapters 2.9K Views 27 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Orcs, brutal, cunning, and prolific, pushed humanity to the brink. Humankind retreated into massive, fortified cities to survive.

In an age long past, we banded together, fought back, and waged a war of extermination. After decades of bloody war, we won.

Or so we thought.

Now, our ancient enemy has once again reared its head. And humanity, still reeling from the eradication wars, still huddled in their cities, have been afraid to once again exert their dominion over the land. And now we're out of time.

Monsters, and worse, swarm in the wilds. Idealists, those humans who have manifested magic, struggle to turn back the tide.

Join Tom, as he strives desperately to become an Idealist, and save his House from ruin, his city from destruction, and humankind from annihilation.


Welcome to Siege State, an action-adventure fantasy with a fresh lick of paint on the fantasy LitRPG genre.

The story is more of a slow burn, and I hope you find the pay-off satisfying.


Release schedule:

Three chapters per week: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

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