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Shadow Ruler
Shadow Ruler

Shadow Ruler

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Idon’t know anything.

Idon’t know anything about the outside world, about human warmth, about myparents’ love, about words, about food, about clothes, about joy, anger, sorrow, and self-expression.

Mymother left this world due toadifficult childbirth, and asaresult, myfather never smiled atme, gave menothing but violence, locked meinaprivate room, gave meonly asmall piece ofbread that was too hard for metoeat and aglass ofwater aday, and kept meinconfinement.

The people ofthe city only had negative feelings toward mebecause ofmyfather’s every action asachild ofthe devil and anabomination.

The only ones who were kind tomeand taught memany things and fun things were acat with along tail and acrow bird with three legs.

Then one day, through the machinations ofthe townspeople and myfather, Iwas about tobeexecuted byanassassin byway ofsome important person.
And the person who appeared infront ofme, the cat, and the bird was not anassassin, but ascary-looking, very strong older brother.


I’m nothing, I’m worthless, I’m… just alittle thing, but why does everyone hate me?

Why dopeople hateme? Should Inot have been born inthis world?

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