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Sect Master's Immortal Journey
Sect Master's Immortal Journey

Sect Master's Immortal Journey

520 Chapters 22.4K Views 107 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


This is a story of a time traveler leading a small martial sect to rise. It is a fantasy tale set... Read more This is a story of a time traveler leading a small martial sect to rise. It is a fantasy tale set in a world of ordinary people cultivating and vying for supremacy, without the assistance of any system. Collapse Ancient Times, Cunning Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Master-Disciple Relationship, Sect Development, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Transmigration, Wars, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Clan Building, Cultivation, Curious Protagonist, Fantasy World, Slow Growth at Start, Weak to Strong As someone who read through over a 1000+ chapters on MTL. I can confidently say it's a very good novel. There's no golden finger, but the MC has good talent. There no side tracking in cultivation, every new minor or major realm is a grueling step forward. And the MC isn't a ignorant fool either he gets mistreated by the holy sects(the hegemons of the current cultivation world) but due to the Power diffrence he let's go, rather than getting himself and his whole sect killed by a single step. And he's always afraid of him dying and his sect going down due (for the greater part of the story's time he's the strongest in his sect). It can get kind of boring on the side character POV but it's not unbearable. My advice is to only read this novel if you don't have anything else to read, translation isn't consistent and has many mistakes.The plot idea is good but full of holes. I think the story is good with good grammars and consistent story but I feel like the MC is just too overpowered, upcoming spoilers - everyone in this world get a special divine ability at golden core stage and because he has eaten a divine fruit he get 2 divine ability even in the first stage and those are mind reading and clairvoyance, it is clearly overpowered because everyone else divine ability is like little bit smarter,little bit stronger, slightly better memory, able to control their elements slight better, and as is in most novel nobody else is going to get any good divine ability even those million year old people living there. I understand where you're coming from but he literally can't use it on most people because they all have way to block it or they're the same level or higher. At most he can get a general vibe of good and bad intentions. 👍 Yeah thank you, I also noticed that after 10o chapters Another Sect Development great story!GEMMust read Is it just GEM? What is the full name so I can search? He meant as in the novel is a gem not GEM being a novel. I dont know if you are trolling or not. Lool I just wanted to say it's a good story Tell me what other cult development story you have to know, please Only sect development stories? What do you think of clan building stories? Umm well the sect development story I remember the best and enjoyed the most was "Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough", just worth noting that it's quite a long story and gets better and better as the story progresses Go read this story, if you want more recommendations after you started reading this one write a message here I'll see the notification Pretty good novel, I only hope that the translator deletes the extremely racist moments that appear further down the novel, past the 1k chapter mark if I remember correctly. Currently their only at ch 530~ I believe, but from what I've read they probably won't. They update 5 times a day so it'll take a while to get there. I'm also surprised how slow and behind ranobes is. Tell me what happens? Holy shit ur username The writing style is really uncomfortable. I have tried giving it a chance but there's something about it that hurts my brain. This novel is so good I've read up to chapter 550 and have enjoyed every step of the way. I strongly recommend reading this if you enjoy slightly slower paced novels where the MC doesn't blast through 60 realms in 2 years. Where did you read the other chapters? Tell me please, I can't take this ranobes delay You'd have to sub to the translators patr_eon. I pay 11:50aud a month for all chapters. He uploads 5 a day It’s pretty decent, I’ve been looking for a pure sect building novel for a while and this is it. I’ll try to explain the premise a little :Spoilerthe mc transmigrated into this cultivation world and was raised by the sect master of this small sect which used to be a big and famous sect in another land. They went through multiple disasters where they had to keep relocating and lastly ended up in the situation they are in right now. By the time the mc ended up as the sect master, he was 16 years old with only 4 other sect members who aren’t even stronger than him. Luckily, there are some hidden trial grounds that the mc can use occasionally, but since most were destroyed or lost, they haven’t been used or mentioned much ever since the beginning. So while the mc is gradually gaining techniques about all sorts of things like formations, alchemy, etc. from the mysterious trial ground, he has to rely on himself to improve the techniques of the sect. One thing I like about the mc is that he’s really steady, so while not being stupid or overbearing, he’s also not too lowkey. Sometimes it seems he’s being overly cautious but each time it actually helps/saves his life so I can’t complain.. This novel is obviously really slow, to the point the mc has barely just gotten into the next major cultivation stage recently even though he started near the middle of the first major stage at the start of the novel, but that can be expected as the novel has 3500+ chapters. But since it’s pretty slow, it shows many different aspects of sect building including social relations of the sect, the finances, environment of the sect, etc. So it’s not only about the mc’s strength. I’m contemplating reading the mtl now, so while this novel isn’t the best, especially when it comes to dialogue, it definitely doesn’t have any major problems which would cause you to avoid reading this. But what I hate about this novel is that the dialogue… a lot of chapters don’t even have anyone talking, they just explain what’s happening like a narrator. Like “This guy attacked his son, so the man decided to go and talk about what happened. After many arguments, they came to an agreement. After the agreement, they got to know each other better.” This makes reading feel uncomfortable and bland at times, but because I’m really into this genre at the moment I can accept it but I’m not sure about others Ngl, i hate novel like this where they just decide to explain the scene straightforward like you just said Yeah the writing is really bland, I haven’t ever read a novel like this so it took me a while to get used to it. But if you can get used to this it’s a really good sect building novel overall so it’ll be worth your time if you like that genre I’ve read around 30+ chapters. The writing is bland and it looks like I’m reading some journal. There’s no life in the writing, making it impossible to immerse yourself into it. That's good, the MC thinks before he acts. Although the work gets worse over the course of the chps(like all cn), it is still a good workRank C+

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