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Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero's Friend
Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero's Friend

Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero's Friend

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A modern Japanese man reincarnated into a game as Welner von Zeavert. Though he reincarnated as a... Read more A modern Japanese man reincarnated into a game as Welner von Zeavert. Though he reincarnated as a noble’s son, he is neither the main character nor the hero of this world. He become someone who didn’t even appear in the game.Plus, with only [Spearmanship] as his skill, he can’t even join the hero party to clear main story.His small advantages are the fact that he became the hero’s friend and his father’s rather high status. He’s nothing but a supporting character of the story.He noted the game story that he knew from his past life, used it, along with his authority and influence as a noble, to survive from demon king army.But, without realizing it, the knowledge from his past life and his memories of the game story affected the world. He saved people that should have died and took care of events that didn’t appear in the game.With that, he carved history of this worldThis is not a story about the hero. This is a story about struggle and effort of a young noble. Collapse Adapted to Manga, Aristocracy, Demon Lord, Demons, Domestic Affairs, European Ambience, Hard-Working Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Mob Protagonist, Nobles, R-15, Reincarnated in a Game World, Reincarnation, Romantic Subplot, Spear Wielder, Strategic Battles, Strategist, Wars Generic Japanese style writing noble character in medieval time, always suck 😂 Dropped it at 20 chapters. I have read a lot in this genre, but the writing feels like someone's first attempt at a novel. Also don't like the relationship dynamics with the other cast. Domestic Affairs New tag?Hmmm... No. It's just less used. Even though a lot of things have happened but I still feel only a few things have happened...donno why but I love this novel I complain about everything but can't complain about this. It's really good. 10/10 one of the best fantasy novels I've read so far. Don't know about y'all but I am only concerned if the novel is interesting. Plots may be predictable, world and character design might be cliche, but as long as it's interesting, I will read it(well the exception is excessive stupidity sometimes, that would make me drop) i agree brother I like your choices . Can you please recommend anything that is similar to this title? Maybe ( acadamy's deceased ate it all Naa.. it's a harem one and it is more inclined towards APOV and TNE Full name? APOV= Author's POVTNE= The Novel's Extra Apart from the unnecessary info dump it's great novel The novel is good, but the characters have a great lack of dignity compared to their stature. In addition, like most Japanese novels, the characters are few changes, most of them are superficial and one-sided. Why do Japanese novels seem so less serious, as if they teach morals to children (exaggerated respect and sorry for every little mistake, with so much illogical bending by kings and nobles) strange They have to, after all nobody wants another atomic bomb. What you are experiencing is called cultural differences. If you don't want to be insulted by Asians on how bad-mannered and thankless you are to your elders then don't insult our culture. Cultural differences? Lol if their ancestors were aware of this Cultural difference they would be ashamed, just admit it everything went downhill after the bombs, and all of them were seemingly indoctrinated into being submissive AF. I have a lot to say since you seem to lack knowledge of Asian culture and it's history so I don't want to argue with you. Have a good day! May you have a happy life. At least theyre better than you and your country right? Whoa that's deep, just hold on a minute I think your deeply enlightening comment has given me the courage to finally go into that deep dark forest and just kill myself. thank goodness Looks like you didn't get it? The forests name is Aokigahara. Anywhere is fine as long as you get it done. everything went downhill after the bombstrue, just look at their birth rates and suicide rates. Masculinity is dead there. I find it funny, how many weebs imagine it to be an utopian country. It's a utopia country if you are masculine... Lool Manga name please? Donde encuentro el manga

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