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Redo! Last Chance for a Dying World!
Redo! Last Chance for a Dying World!

Redo! Last Chance for a Dying World!

239 Chapters 4.4K Views 58 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Astrange creature, body built from tentacles and eyes, burst its way into anunderground room. Inside, itfound the bodies ofjust over one hundred humans broken and bleeding onthe floor.

«Ha! Hahaha!» Odd laughter emitted outward from the creature. Itlooked around the room, itwas empty apart from the bodies.

Itmade its way back tothe surface. «Lord, the humans are finished. Itseemed they preferred todie, rather than let usassimilate their power.»

«Very good. Then wewill shift our focus tothe Dragons.» Ahulking figure looked atthe creatures around it. «Move out.»


«AmIbeing eaten byaSLIME??!!»

Anormal man woke uptofind himself surrounded bythe unconscious figures ofhis family and neighbors. The land around him was large and open, not asingle structure insight.

«What’s… going on?»


Taylor, just anordinary family man, woke upinastrange place. Dungeons dotted the land and Monsters ran rampant.

After conquering his first Dungeon, hedecides that the best way toprotect his children istobuild astrong community. With the help ofhis wife and some friends hemeets along the way, hebegins his conquest.

Can hebuild acommunity strong enough tosurvive the incoming disasters? Can heunlock the secrets ofthe mysterious Mana? Join our hero asheuses his powerful defenses toprotect those hecares about!


Notes from the author: For those who are not already aware, you can get more coins for your money bybuying through PayPal instead ofgoing through Google Play. Just aheads upfor those who don’t know (You can access the Paypal purchase option through «Top-up» inyour profile)

*Not for children, this novel will have both lewd and gruesome moments asitprogresses further into the story.

Ifyou see stars around the **chapter name** then itisanexplicit chapter, don’t read ifyou don’t like sex xD

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