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Path of the Berserker
Path of the Berserker

Path of the Berserker

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A world destroyed. An axe to grind. And a path to infinite power. Welcome to my reality.

When the cultivators came to Earth, they destroyed our entire civilization in a matter of hours. Armies fell, cities burned, and that was before the moon turned red and filled our world with monsters.

Now, over a decade later, what’s left of humanity slaves under the heels of our Qi-infused masters. The luckiest of us might even become one of them, they say—if we serve the Dynasty well enough and harness the power of Qi.

But I want none of that.

I’m sick of serving and I want nothing to do with their world. Instead, I want them to pay for what they did to mine. Maybe that’s why she found me. The fearsome, angry goddess who showed me a different path. Apparently, Qi is not the only route to power.

Now I’ll fight to take back my planet, to grow strong enough to beat the cultivators at their own game. Through blood, sweat, and pain, I will free humanity or die trying.

For that’s the Path of a Berserker.


Path of the Berserker is a progression fantasy novel that contains immortal cultivators, an oppressive intergalactic dynasty, rage-inducing imperial bureaucracy, magical spirit beasts, fantastical martial arts and one pissed-off MC who’s sick of it all. Fans of western-style cultivation fantasy, post apocalypse, and xianxia will enjoy.

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