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Paradise of Infinity
Paradise of Infinity

Paradise of Infinity

333 Chapters 5.4K Views 103 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Executed for escaping his owners, Nik met a relieving fate of beheading with the circumstances of his corpse unknown yet having an honorable end of his corpse is not his greatest concern for he is given a chance at life again. Of course, this meant Nik now worked for an organization that sent individuals like him throughout the omniverse for some reason unknown to him.

As they say, if for the penny, in for the pounding.

Nik: Wait… I’m not a prost… ehm, rental 'helper' anymore. Do I still charge?

An adventure of a lifetime, they say. One that never ends.


Warning: This is a rewrite of my previous fanfic— Every Hole is a Goal.

Current World: Avatar: The Last Airbender



1) I don’t own any original lore.

2) This is the most standard 'collection' type harem novel you will ever see, so, if this is not your taste… well, give it a shot still and see if whether the other aspects of fanfic can cover them or not.

3) All the characters I write smut about will be 18+. I will make sure to tweak the fanfic a bit in that way to make sure that the story itself adapts to these circumstances.

4) If tags like an orgy and incestuous relationship are not your cup of tea, then… this may not be the 'one' fanfic for you.

5) If men and women of sexual 'socialness' more commonly termed as floozy and even more degenerative terms most likely known to you all is not your cup of tea, then I apologize once again, this fanfic may not be the 'one.'

6) There is no ntr, but there may be netori.

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