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Overlord: Multiverse
Overlord: Multiverse

Overlord: Multiverse

77 Chapters 2.3K Views 42 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Daelius Vortem was an enjoyer of Anime and Manga. He was a cultivator, during his breakthrough to the last realm he died. But he sent a fragment of his soul to a new body with a system. He is transmigrated into the universe of Overlord. Follow his journey as he rises to power.


This is a non-canon fanfic of Overlord. There will be other worlds of different animes, manga, and games. Also, I am just writing this for fun because there are no good Overlord fanfictions. There is no definite update schedule.

So, if you have any suggestions please write them in the comments.

Also, there might be grammar mistakes because English is not my primary language.

I don't own anything in this fanfic other than my OC.

The main focus will be on the story, with not a lot of focus on the cultivation aspect of the novel.

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