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Otherworldly Merchant
Otherworldly Merchant

Otherworldly Merchant

650 Chapters 1.8K Views 18 Bookmarked Completed Status


I’m amerchant that likes tocollect evil things. Everything that belongs tothe dead isworth having!

Embroidered shoes that can walk ontheirown? Iwant them!

Blue and white porcelain set made from human ashes? Iwant it!

Astraw cutter used tocut people inhalf? Iwant it!

Ifplaced inthe hands ofordinary people, these items will haunt them and ruin their lives.

But, ifplaced inmyhands, they can bring infinite wealth, change fate, and satisfy one’s every desire!

Doyou want toknow the reason?

Then, come and listen tothis story ofmine.

That is, ifyou’re courageous enough…

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