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My Little Sunshine
My Little Sunshine

My Little Sunshine

308 Chapters 4.9K Views 21 Bookmarked Completed Status


Adam Levinson was the CEO ofabig corporation which dealt inanumber ofdifferent businesses. Behind the rushing and flourishing business, was his hard work.

But his life was monotonous, without any kind ofenjoyment. Hespent his days handling meetings and the usual office work.

That was all hedid.

Henever got tounderstand the true meaning ofhow tolive his life… until
agirl stumbled into his life, turning his world upside down.

Stella Martin, agirl who applied tobehis assistant, somehow managed tocharm her way into his heart, but will they beable tolive ahappy life together?

Join them ontheir emotional rollercoaster ride asthey unfold some secrets related totheir pasts, and see how Adam helps Stella toget back everything which was supposed tobehers inthe first place.

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