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My Last Hunt
My Last Hunt

My Last Hunt

422 Chapters 1.3K Views 20 Bookmarked Completed Status


Awicked and greedy hunter who intentionally triggered the broken morgue insearch oftreasure. Hewas cursed bythe aura ofdeath. Being the high level hunter hewas given achance tocast this curse onto someone else and save himself. Hedisguised himself inanold woman and stopped ayouth walking onthe street.

Tobecollege student and getting good grades isnot enough ifyou cannot hunt monsters.


«Iamyour opponent and enemy, you have choice whether tolevel uporface brutal death infront ofyour younger sibling. Ichoose you asmytarget tosacrifice inplace ofmymistake and crime. Ihave offended the ancient sacred soul ofHunter Monarch.»

«What, why and why infront ofyounger sibling? How doyou know him and who the hell are you?» The youth was forced todrag through the portal and enter inunknown world.

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