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My hi-tech Library
My hi-tech Library

My hi-tech Library

40 Chapters 4.8K Views 54 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Li Yi acquired a high-tech library by chance. Stored within the library were countless records related to the inheritance of a highly technological civilization. Endless knowledge could be found within the pages of the books.

Through studying, Li Yi obtained new skills and a lot of unexpected opportunities.

He became a complete bookworm, feverishly absorbing all kinds of knowledge in the library. He was exposed to concepts such as Grand Unified Theory and wave-particle duality. He also got his hands on a myriad of advanced technologies, superconducting materials, super batteries and artificial intelligence.

With the help of these technologies and his newly-obtained knowledge, Li Yi started his own company and even recruited all the top talents in the industry to work for him despite only being a university student!

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