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Mommy Villainess
Mommy Villainess

Mommy Villainess

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InTilly’s past life, she was avillainess who neglected her husband and son for power. Then, the «real woman ofthe prophecy» came and took them away fromher. When she failed toseize the throne for herself, she was executed for all the crimes she committed.

Then, came her rebirth.

She wants tomeet her son again soshe vowed tobeagood person this time. Good enough toseduce Captain Kiho--- her husband inher past life.

But soon, she realized that flirting with the captain isthe least ofher worry. After all, she discovered that her «evilness» inthe past was caused bythe true villain--- someone who wanted her dead tosteal the special power that she didn’t know she possessed.

Power that has something todowith the Four Ancient Beasts ofthe Moonchester Empire: The Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon, the Golden Tiger, and The Black Serpent.

Apparently, she’s the Beast Priestess…

… and her lineage isn’t supposed toexist anymore.

Because ofher blood, there are people who want her gone.

Sonow, aside from having ahappy life with Kiho and their son, she has anew goal: toburn down the b*tches who want toruin her family again.

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