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Molting the Mortal Coil
Molting the Mortal Coil

Molting the Mortal Coil

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Reincarnated asachild inanew world amild mannered programmer, named Sage, finds himself struggling tosurvive. The road toimmortality ispaved with danger, treasure, and conflict.

This mystical eastern world isfilled with Demonic Beasts, Treacherous Cultivators, and Extraordinary Legacies.

Follow Sage onhis journey toadapt tothis new world, and find out ifhecan overcome the limitations ofbody, mind, and soul.

Will herise tothe occasion and become ahero? Ormaybe he’ll turn tothe dark side and end upavillain?

Molting the Mortal Coil ismore ofaslower paced journey.

It’s not about endless battles and conquering the next bad guy who spits onthe main characters shoes orsends him afunny look. There’s also not atreadmill oftournaments orlove interests. It’s more ofaslower burn with lots of, and hopefully not too much, world building.

It’s still supposed tobestuffed with action, but that won’t pick upfor awhile since westart with aweakling. The first 30 chapters have alot oftime-skipping, but stay with meitgets better.

Iplan tore-write and add more tothe first 30 inthe future, but ifyou can push through Ifeel itgets much more fun after!


Updates will beweekly. Ifyou want tosee more chapters, check out myPatreon (button atthe bottom ofevery chapter)! Thanks everyone!

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