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Miss Demon Maid
Miss Demon Maid

Miss Demon Maid

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Bullied and pushed off acliff byher classmates, agirl opened her eyes together with the sound ofthunderous lightning. Upon returning tothe classroom, she and everyone inher class were summoned. They arrived inaworld with aneerie resemblance toanonline otome game that had been popular onthe internet (but only the internet).

Neither had they been summoned asHeroes todefeat aDark Lord, nor would they beSaints tosave the world. They were summoned tobecome Partners tonobilities. Asthe students were rooted tothe spot inabject confusion, agirl walked forward tostand infront ofavillainess with asmile.

«Ishall beinyour service, milady.»

This isastory ofaclumsy villainess and amaid who came from another world.

For her Mistress’ love, the maid’s work isnever done.

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