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Millennium Tension
Millennium Tension

Millennium Tension

223 Chapters 3.2K Views 17 Bookmarked Completed Status


Aizen, anultra-genius scientist finally succeeded inmaking abreakthrough inscience and technology bycreating the world’s first Super Artificial Intelligence.

But asiffate had another will, hedied with asmile onhis face after completing his perfect masterpiece, leaving his life’s ultimate work that will continue toevolve with time tothe world for the hope ofanextraordinary and unimaginable future.

«Welcome back, Master Aizen.» That was the first word Aizen heard when heopened his eyes. Heawoke before abeautiful woman who was familiar tohim.

Axel, anavatar ofthe Impartial Artificial Intelligence System orintroduced tothe public as[Axel Goddess] finally managed torevive her long-lost master alongside his daughter, Ana.

His short sleep towelcome the morning turned out tobeeternal sleep that was less eternal, athousand years had passed since his death.

Faced with aproblem that even Axel could not solve which forced the creation ofasecond civilization onMars, while humanity onEarth was onthe verge ofextinction because the deadly mutations caused living organisms togrow violent bychanging their bodies and abilities.

With asuper hot Artificial Intelligence that finally gets aperfect human body, aswell asaclingy and spoiled daughter who isformerly estranged onhis side, Aizen must use his intelligence tofind away tosave his home planet which turned out tobevery complicated and ends upgetting them involved init.

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