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Max Talent Player
Max Talent Player

Max Talent Player

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity.

[No Talent]
It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s?

In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat.

I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed.
While going through the Tutorial, I realized something.

Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?

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