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Martial Hero Rebirth
Martial Hero Rebirth

Martial Hero Rebirth

93 Chapters 1.1K Views 14 Bookmarked Completed Status


God Level player Lin Yiwas transported into agame.

There are many familiar sects ——– Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, QuanZhen, Mount Hua, Mount Song, Mount Heng, Mount Heng, Mount Tai, Peach Blossom Island, Sun Moon Polytheism, QingCheng…

There are many Legendary Martial Art ——– Nine Yang manual, Nine Yin manual, The Passage ofTime, Six Meridian Divine Sword, Riding the waves with small steps, Taiji, Subduing Dragon 18 Palms, YiJin Jing, Tendon-Altering Sutra, BeiMing Manual, Eight wild Six fit ialone honour, DuGu Nine Sword, SunFlower Manual….

Atatime when the court isweak, Martial World indisorder

Inorder toprotect own cherished thing—

Lin Yientered the stage

This isgradual growth ofjuvenile indisorderly Martial world, inthe end become generations ofgiants, Martial arts don’t die, rise from the ashes!

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