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Magic Apprentice
Magic Apprentice

Magic Apprentice

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Legends speak ofanera where demons and gods once lived with one another. Different innature and identical instrength, the two co-existed peacefully together. That is, until the right togovern humanity divided them. The Glorious Crusade; asitbecame tobeknown, caused space and time tobedivided and the world separated into differing realms. Human civilization rebuilt itself after thousands ofyears, and without the gods ordemons, they became the masters oftheir world. Yet the gods and demons remain. Time and time again, the two have constantly attempted tobreach the human world and regain supremacy~

Elric, the son ofagrocer, was born insuch anera. Inept inthe art ofmagic, Elric was somehow able toapprentice himself under the lecherous and rogue ofamagus, Victor. Here lies the story ofElric, Belladonna, Jerry, and Kite. Together, the four embark onanadventure fraught with danger. Here, the Canon ofElric the Prophet will begin…

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