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Love The Psycho
Love The Psycho

Love The Psycho

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Itwas definitely love atfirst sight for August Maijune the day she first saw Aaron Saint inthe hospital ward.

Waking upsuddenly from acoma after anaccident, August realised she didn’t remember anything about her life and who she reallywas. The only person she relies onisAaron Saint who claims tobeher guardian.

After, almost running over her five years ago with his car, Aaron Saint has taken responsibility totake care ofAugust until she remembers who she was but what hedidn’t know was she had more than one personality living inher hence their roller coaster romance began.

«Are you married?»


«Doyou have agirlfriend?»


«Doyou have asister who isnot really asister and she isinlove with you?»


«Then, amIallowed tofall foryou? Ithink I’m inlove with you»

«You’re the first woman tobethis bold
towards me»

This isaromance story about aman who was betrayed bylove and awoman who can’t remember her past.

Check out the roller coaster romance ofaman and awoman who has DID.

This story revolves around the female lead suffering from DID also known asSplit Personality Disorder. Her battle towards finding herself and the male lead doting onher asshe tries tofind herself.

There isalso abonus story about her children all init.

You might want toread more abouther.

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