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Lord of Enigma
Lord of Enigma

Lord of Enigma

148 Chapters 2.6K Views 25 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


When the spiritual barrier that has been intact for ahundred years isshattered byameteor, spiritual energy that had disappeared starts toreturn. The mystical realm slowly begins its revival—magic, witchcraft, curses, supernatural lifeforms, strange and mysterious legends, monsters, and gods from other worlds… The old world order collapses, yet the new order ismystifying and chaotic.

Just before the unprecedented reformation ishere, Tang Qiawakens and finds himself hung onthe cross, having turned into aninferior demon and ingreat pain and agony…

With his special ability tosee through the nature ofall things from the mystical realm and asly and crafty mind, follow Tang Qiashedevelops new skills and powers—as well asmaking new friends and allies—to battle and protect himself from never before seen supernatural threats inanunfamiliar world!

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