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Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]
Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]

Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]

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Nine-to-five. The daily grind. Life. Painful years ofschool. Working asaslave for some undeserving corporate big-wig. The monotonous life ofunemployment. Weall experience this inone way oranother, and wecan all conclude one thing: it’s dull.

Such afact rings true even for the fabled Lone Immortus, apowerful nine-tailed Golden Foxkin. However, what would you doifyour monotony was suddenly ground toahalt and you were thrown out ofyour comfort zone along with ayoung girl forgotten bytime?

Perhaps you might have done things differently, been more organised, immediately died, gained control ofthe world inamatter ofdays, but this isLone’s tale, not yours.

Watching two insecure people struggle tosurvive and find their place inanunfamiliar land just might beenjoyable towitness. Who knows? One thing’s for certain: itwon’t beaneasy path for them totread, and what could possibly bemore entertaining than watching people endure hardships and grow?

Iknow ofatleast eight gods that would answer with, 'Absolutely nothing.'

Iwonder, after seeing this journey from start tofinish, how would you answer?

[Goal of1 chapter per week, the only exceptions being announced breaks oremergencies]

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