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Loki’s Successor System
Loki’s Successor System

Loki’s Successor System

248 Chapters 3.1K Views 47 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Jin, acrippled teenager, lives inamulticultural society with aplethora offantastical races all living inamodern world, where ordinary citizens are suppressed ofmagic atbirth. Whereas, the Government, and people working for them, keep all ofthe Magic themselves.

Jin’s entire teenage life changes forever onthe last day ofastressful school term. Hehad been bestowed the power ofaGod. The power ofthe God ofMischief.

Jin iscaught inmany dire situations given that hehas been bestowed the system. Slowly, Jin becomes more powerful, and more … evil. The system slowly diminishes his sentience, and hetransgresses tothe cusps ofthe Mischief God hewas destined tobe. When later, all ofthe citizens, who’ve been suppressed oftheir magic atbirth, begins toget their abilities awakened again. And the demon race, the most rebellious race, attacks the city for the systems.


The prologue isshort because … let’s face it—nobody likes prologues…

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