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Level Eater
Level Eater

Level Eater

102 Chapters 2.7K Views 46 Bookmarked Completed Status


Hasami Tatsuro and Yashiki Ai, two ordinary teenagers, experienced an earthquake while on the way home from school.

The earthquake cracked space and transported the two to another world.

Landing in an unknown forest, the two initially began to grieve. However, unbeknownst to them, a system had installed itself into their bodies, granting them the ability to gain skills and statuses.

Hasami Tatsuro obtained the “Level Eater” skill. “Level Eater” allowed the host to devour others’ levels/skills and make it his own.

Yashiki Ai obtained the “Valkyrie” skill. “Valkyrie” allowed the host to obtain and use any offensive skills from different classes, without the need to specialize.

With their cheat skills and teamwork, they managed to venture out of the forest and explore the new world.

This is a story of two ordinary kids.

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